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The Recruit is a summer programme delivered by Inverclyde Council's Education team involving young people from Inverclyde schools who are chosen to compete in a number of business challenges with the aim of improving report writing, presentation, communication and team working skills.

The programme culminates with a celebratory dinner on 18 August which recognises the dedication shown from all of the participants throughout the summer with an opportunity for those involved to be awarded contracts with some of the employers involved in the challenges.

As part of the programme, ri will be offering one of the candidates the opportunity of a modern apprenticeship with the business, offering an initial 12 month role that will include experience in regeneration, business investment, portfolio management and administrative skills. Each team was given a different element to consider including sector focus, finance, marketing and strategy for ri over the next five years. You lose one player, you move on to the next one.

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BC had also been hot on the trail of another talented forward, Andre Iguodala, who lived in Springfield, Ill. So Cooley made the switch: instead of traveling to Los Angeles on September 11, he booked himself on a flight to Chicago.

The Recruit

Everything seemed normal that morning until Cooley got to the airport. The traffic there was terrible. When he finally picked up, she told him what was happening on the news. There was talk that airports around the country would be closing. Ed dismissed the idea. He assured her he would be going to Illinois that day and would be home that night.

Another plane hit the second tower in New York. A third crashed into the Pentagon in Washington. A fourth went down in a field in Pennsylvania. Cooley left Logan Airport and drove back to the office, where he and his co-workers sat transfixed in front of the television for the remainder of the day.

At some point — he does not remember exactly when — Cooley settled on a harrowing truth. I was supposed to be on that plane. It was one more disquieting thought on a day that was full of them.

He passed along this piece of information to Nurys, but she, too, had a hard time wrapping her head around it. Just one day before, they were celebrating his 32nd birthday. Now this. It was hard for them to feel jubilant, knowing how many other families had not been so fortunate.

Would I have been intimidated? I really am.

The Recruit isn't what it seems

We never recognize the small things that lead to bigger things that determine everything that matters. At least, not while they are happening. Take John Thompson, for example. Sure, Bowman would have probably still chosen to go to Georgetown, but might he have waited a little longer to finalize his decision? Might he have met with those BC coaches just see what they had to say? The gravity of these questions does not have to be explained to Thompson.

In this case, the final destination was supposed to be in Las Vegas.

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Thompson wanted to be there on September 13 to celebrate the birthday of Mary Fenlon, his longtime academic coordinator at Georgetown, and who still after retirement helped Thompson manage his affairs and media requests. He planned to fly to Las Vegas on the 11 th , which would give him a day to rest from the trip and remove the possibility that a travel snafu could cause him to miss the party. They agreed to do the interview on the 11th, with Thompson flying to LA that morning, doing the show and then catching a short flight to Vegas.

On the morning of the 11 th , Thompson was sitting in his apartment in Alexandria, Va. He soon learned that it had come from the impact of American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon, less than five miles from where Thompson lived. A short while later, Fenlon called her boss.

The Recruit (2003)

Thompson has told this story many times over the years, including on the radio show he co-hosted in Washington. Rome even brought Schwartz into the conversation. Thompson, too, tries to avoid that frightening rabbit hole, but the reminders are everywhere.

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  6. As for Bowman, Thompson does not recall meeting him and his father on their unofficial visit, though he does not doubt that it happened. He does, however, remember Bowman as a talented prospect with an affable demeanor. I liked him. It was just one small thing that led to bigger things that made all the difference to Cooley and his family.

    Tell him he owes me. And he still loves to play basketball, which is why he has spent the last 12 years chasing the game all over the world.

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    Continues below. Directed by Roger Donaldson. Caveat Spectator Sporadic violence and gunplay; a nonmarital affair with a couple of bedroom scenes no explicit nudity ; some profane, obscene, and sex-related language; a negative anecdote involving a pope. About These Ratings.