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Jean Le Maudit, Ou Le Fils Du Forcat by Joseph George Walter McGown original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. Language French; Illustrations note 88 Illustrations; Illustrations, black.

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In Isaiah , we find that Jesus' name is also incomprehensible and beyond our understanding. Jesus and the Angel of the Lord are described in the same way. We have also seen that this Angel is Divine and is also identified as the Lord. He is Michael the Archangel. The description of the Angel of God's Presence describes an activity that is Divine in nature where He became their Savior and was afflicted in all their affliction.

In His pity, He redeemed them. Lets look further through the Old Testament to see if any further clues can be gathered linking Michael the Archangel with Jesus and the angel of the Lord. Perhaps the best Old Testament source for connecting the angel of the Lord with God is the burning bush experience of Moses:. The angel of the Lord appears before Moses in a burning bush that does not burn up, yet as we read into the experience above we see that it is God Himself.

Also notice that the same thing that was told Joshua was also told Moses. Both were instructed to take off their shoes since they were now standing on holy ground. It is because they were now in the presence of God! But also notice that the Scriptures specially identify the individual who speaks to both Moses and Joshua.

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It is the Lord! It is an Angel, yet it is God!

When putting all the attubutes that we have studied all together, we must conclude that the Angel of the Lord really is Michael the Archangel. In verse 15 we have a very interesting statement: This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations. Who is it that is speaking here in Isaiah?

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Jesus used the same name that He used in talking to Moses. He is the God of the Old Testament who spoke to the various patriarchs! This again points to the fact that Jesus is also Michael the Archangel. Jesus is the one who throughout the history of the Old Testament has communicated to His people as the Angel of the Lord and as Michael the Archangel.

Another interesting point is what Jesus said in verse Jesus told the Jews that Abraham rejoiced to see Jesus in His day. He appariently said it in such a way that the Jews realized that Jesus was saying that He knew Abraham personally and had talked with him. They were incredulous: You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham? And He knew what would be their reaction, because they knew what "I AM" refered to, and they would not allow themselves to believe that all the prophecies were being fulfilled.

Jesus is I AM. He said that He knew and talked to Abraham and that Abraham knew Him! Now, if we compare Zechariah 3 with Jude an additional connection can be made to link Michael the Archangel with the Angel of the Lord. In addition this is another example where the Angel of the Lord is identified as God. In Zechariah, we see Joshua the high priest standing before the Angel of the Lord. Satan, the accuser, is also present to oppose what the Angel of the Lord is doing. In the second verse, the Angel of the Lord starts speaking to Satan.

Because of all that we have researched on this page, we know that the Angel is not the Father speaking. Why would the Father say: "The Lord rebuke you"? No, it is not the Father.

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It is the Son! One Lord is speaking of the other Lord. At the time He leaves the rebuking to the Father. But, God will judge in the heavenly court and Jesus will be given the kingdom at that time See the answer to question 12 at the bottom of the page for details. Jude is an interesting parallel. In it we see Michael the Archangel doing the very same thing that the angel of the Lord did in Zechariah.

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But this time it is Michael the Archangel saying: "The Lord rebuke you". The three things in common that connect Zechariah and Jude are: 1 They are referring to the same person. The Angel of the Lord is Michael the archangel. Both times He says: "the Lord rebuke you". So Satan is approached in the same way.

So we again have the Angel of the Lord identified as Lord. The Angel of the Lord is shown to be God. Also remember that we have already seen a direct link between the Angel of the Lord and Jesus. Some use Jude to show that Michael and Jesus are not the same individual Jude is more thoroughly discussed near the end of this web page. However we now see that Jude in connection with Zechariah is really an evidence showing that the Angel of the Lord is actually Michael or Jesus.

The angel of the Lord came to Hagar several times.

We see that Hagar realized that it was God who talked to her:. We also see that while the angel of God was with Hagar that God opened her eyes. Who could it be that will make a great nation of the boy.


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Not an angel but God. And we see that the speaker identifies Himself as I. So here we have the angel of God saying that He will make the boy great. Who could this angel be? It is Michael the Archangel who is now called Jesus the anointed one! I will bless thee, I will multiply thy seed, For now I know that you have not withheld your son from me! Now look at verses 15 and This is extremely important! I will bless thee and. I will multiply thy seed. Yes, this suggests to me that it is Jesus who had talked to Abraham!

It is the viewpoint of the author of this web page, using Scripture as evidence as you have already seen on this page, that all the interaction we see in the Old Testament, which is usually attributed to God, is actually Jesus or actually Michael the Archangel as He is known in Heaven. I believe that Michael is Jesus Christ. He is the Archangel! I believe He is the one who came down to die for our sins! After all, doesn't Michael's name mean one who is like God?

Would It seem fitting that Jesus would have presented Himself also as an angel? When Jesus was on earth, He presented Himself as a man. Looking at Christ's mission on Earth we see that He acts as the go between, an intercessor. Jesus is the one who connects man with God. It was Christ's mission to show us the Father. It was Christ's mission to show us what the Father is like. Could it also have been Christ's mission in heaven to show to the angels what the Father is like as well? Some might wonder why this would be necessary since they are all in Heaven where God is.

How is this possible to have the angels being deceived about God when they live in Heaven in the presence of God? We must not forget that there was a war in Heaven. I do not understand why this might be so; How could Lucifer and many of the other angels reject God when they are in the very presence of God? Satan of course, wanted to be God himself and he was some how able to convince other angels to follow him. We also know what Satan is like today; So we know that his position was probably grounded in deceit.