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Using Your Retail Pharmacy's Supply Chain to Exceed Patient Expectations | McKesson

But doing those things can be costly. You might not have enough volume to justify the extra time and money that it would take. On a per-script basis, central fill can do those things faster and cheaper than your pharmacy. A central fill facility has the technology, drug inventory and delivery network to meet the challenges of packaging, time and location created by all those new market entrants and patient preferences. Edwards: They can, yes. Filling prescriptions in a safe manner is probably one of the supply chain management issues that keeps our customers up at night.

If you break your routine to re-package drugs on site, or to separate drugs for immediate pickup or home delivery, you introduce an opportunity for human error. That could result in a patient getting the wrong drug at the right time, or the right drug at the wrong time. This is where central fill automation comes in.

And your drug is getting to the right place at the right time. That combination can really hurt your margins. Your supply chain can be a source of savings to help protect them. You can find savings in your supply chain by becoming more efficient.

Managing Patient Expectations for a Successful Clinic

One way to do that is by centralizing your inventory and your fill-and-dispense functions. Another way is by automating manual tasks.

Insights from the Outside: Exceeding Patient Expectations

Optimizing your supply chain can help on the revenue side, too. It also lets your pharmacists practice at the top of their licenses. You have everything you came in for. So your supply chain will need to adjust to those new expectations from your patients. It will need to be able to handle both drugs and merchandise.

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Each pharmacy is different. Each market is different. Each patient is different. And everything is changing at such a rapid pace. McKesson editorial staff is committed to sharing innovative approaches and insights so our customers can get the most out of their business solutions and identify areas for operational improvement and revenue growth. Category: Supply chain management Technology solutions Pharmacies.

Practice Tactics: Assess, then exceed patient expectations

Related Blog Posts. Are there ways you and your team can improve the patient experience? This one-hour on demand webinar offers practical tips for evaluating the patient management systems within the practice and suggestions on ways everyone in the practice can exceed patients' expectations. Each resource is available free online to members and print editions may be ordered through the ADA Catalog.

Dugoni School of Dentistry. He has been lecturing on practice management issues since He served on the ADA Council on Dental Practice and was instrumental in the development of the ADA Success Seminar Series that has been giving dental students real life information on the business of dental practice for more than 30 years. Pamela Porembski, D. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry and practiced general dentistry in private practice in Chicago, taught in a dental hygiene program, and was a consultant with a dental benefits company before joining the staff of the American Dental Association.

GPS Webinar: Is Your Practice Exceeding Patient Expectations?

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