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Jean Le Maudit, Ou Le Fils Du Forcat by Joseph George Walter McGown original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. Language French; Illustrations note 88 Illustrations; Illustrations, black.

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So, the only way that he can get any kind of revenge and hurt the Almighty is to hurt you — the one that God loves.

What Triggers a Demonic Attack? | Rick Renner Ministries

He cannot touch God. He cannot cause the great Creator any sort of harm, so instead, he settles for undermining your trust in your Heavenly Father and separating you from the One who loves you so. The enemy wants you to believe the Word of Almighty God is not true. Satan wants you to be skeptical about God. In the very first recorded conversation anybody had with him, the devil is intent on planting doubts in the human mind, writes Davis.

God says we must not eat it or even touch it, or we will die. Satan wants you to doubt Scripture, for then he has caused you to be skeptical of God's source of revealing Himself. Instead, Satan wants to offer an alternative to the Bible. There are a number of alternatives he throws at us that have been prevalent since Satan first started temping humankind.

That are those? No, truth is truth. The Bible can only become the Word of God if you get an experience from it. Another alternative to biblical truth is Rationalism , which makes a god of logic, writes Davis.

Satan Loves To Attack Your Mind by Joyce Meyer

If the Bible doesn't seem to work, we junk it for something else that does. All these philosophies have been introduced to cause men and women to be skeptical of God. We have a generation of people who have been told there are no moral absolutes; no fixed standards of right and wrong. And because they have no final authority, they have no compass upon which to make moral decisions.

God said it's wrong. It's wrong to dishonor your parents. It's wrong to take the Lord's name in vain.

But to a person who has rejected the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, who lives without a baseline of truth, those decisions are much tougher. He encourages skepticism, because it plays right into his hands. Satan wants you to think lightly about God.

He wants you to believe that God won't punish sin. He wants to turn the Ten Commandments into the Ten Suggestions, since a law without penalty is merely advice. The fact is, there is a God, and He will punish sin, whether you choose to believe it or not. Your lack of belief doesn't change the facts. Satan can claim that Eve won't die if she eats the apple, but that doesn't stop God from following through on His promise.

They have the lie of reincarnation: that you can keep coming back to earth until you get your life right. That's a lie Satan tells to keep people from believing in a personal God to whom we all must give an account. The Bible teaches us that it is appointed unto man once to die, and after that to face judgment Hebrews But Satan doesn't want you to believe that. That's why he has worked so hard to develop the idea that judging sin is wrong.

Try criticizing wicked behavior publicly and you'll be branded a bigot. It's become un-American to ever judge sin.

Take Heart – Satan Will Not Win

People think God is too good to punish sin — but they have forgotten that we have a holy God who is too good to fail to punish sin. Take Him lightly at your peril. The enemy wants you to be suspicious of God. You will become just like God, knowing everything, both good and evil.

Lie #1: Satan isn’t as active in our world as one would think.

He's being unfair. He's trying to cramp your style. Why should God get the monopoly on godhood? Why doesn't He want you to reach your full potential? You can never be all that you can be by going God's way. Wouldn't you rather be in charge? That He is doing something to keep you from personal fulfillment. Satan hints that God's word can't be trusted, that she should make her own choices, and that she needs to experiment if she is really going to live.

That's the same argument that has destroyed our moral base. We have a generation of people experimenting with drugs, sex, and the occult because they were told to reject God and step out on their own. When you think suspiciously of God, you act independently of Him. When my son was nine, he broke his arm. The X-Rays showed the break, and he was in severe pain. We agreed in prayer, right in the ER, asking God to heal him, and God did just that! A second set of X-Rays showed that his arm was no longer broken!

Satan wants you to believe that this world is all there is. He wants you to get caught up in the material side of life and forget about your spiritual side. Satan wants you to believe that free will is a myth.

Nighttime Attacks in Scripture

Satan wants you to think you have to be perfect. Then the devil can use your thoughts, your voice, your actions to work for him. Who was this great teacher? Thanksgiving is over.

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6 Lies about Spiritual Warfare and How to Overcome Them

The food has all been eaten. Now the You think the cold and flu are causing your temperature to Lies, lies and more lies! Recommended For You. Read More. Fallen angels are called evil spirits, demons, unclean spirits. Together, their expressed activities include:. We must realize, however, that God limits the activities of Satan and his demons. Yet the Enemy and his followers are in denial, for they still think victory is within their grasps.

They continue to do whatever they can to affect people — made in the image of God and with the potential of glorifying and being glorified by Him.

4 Unfailing Defenses to Stop Torment in the Night

Though the ultimate war has been won, we are engaged in a daily battle against the prince of this world. The Enemy schemes against us, throws flaming missiles at us, seeks to devour us, and wages direct warfare upon us 2 Corinthians ; Ephesians ,16; 1 Peter As a result, we are to arm ourselves, stand against, refute, resist and overcome Ephesians ; Isaiah ; James ; Revelation Everything we need to successfully do battle was appropriated on the Cross.

We simply need to appropriate it. From The Pray! Prayer Journal , published by NavPress. Used by permission.

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