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Bachelorette parties down the hall. Ensure that you get a quiet room. Two requests that are absolutely vital and pretty widely known when selecting your hotel room: a room on an upper floor and away from the elevators. Book a room midway down a hallway. Ask for a room on the concierge or suite level, if the hotel has one.

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Sometimes those rooms have taller ceilings, giving you a little more air space from the people above you. Avoid rooms facing a pool. While the view might be pretty, pools can be late-night gathering places—despite posted closing times—and noise echoes off water. Ask what time the trash is collected if there are dumpsters or recycling bins outside your windows.

If the time is too early for your liking, get a different room. Request a room at the back of a low-rise hotel. Even if the view is poor, the peace is worth it. Get a room at least two or three levels above banquet rooms, bars, or other public spaces if the hotel has them. Ask if the hotel is undergoing or has recently completed renovations. Usually these are done in segments—a floor or section at a time. You want to avoid floors that are adjacent to those currently being updated.

But you do want to be on a floor that has finished being renovated—which will usually be cleaner, smell better, and have newer beds and linens. Inquire whether guestrooms have blackout shades. These are the heavy, thick curtains that keep the light out, and you want to have them. Make sure yours is a non-smoking room. Ask about pillow options. Some hotels stock firmer ones in guestroom closets, or have a secret stash at the front desk.

Pack earplugs. Uncomfortable as they can be, wadding little bits of foam in your ears is far less annoying than being kept up all night by noise. You can also bring your own travel-size white noise machine , download a white noise app onto your smartphone, or stream white noise from your laptop on a free website like SimplyNoise. Bring an eye mask. Pack a sleep sack if you tend to worry about the cleanliness or comfort of your hotel linens.

They also are helpful for folks with skin sensitivities who are worried about the detergents or bleach used to clean hotel linens. Spray your room. The chemicals used to clean hotel rooms or launder sheets can be a little overpowering. Add your own scent with a spritz or two of a gentle linen spray you bring from home. Admittedly, this is not always possible, as seating can be limited in a hotel room. But try not to use your bed to do anything but sleep. Abstain from alcohol. Image shown for demonstration of mattress construction only; actual product components may vary.

People have traveled the world, experienced the ultimate comfort of our Serta mattresses during their stay, and they have spoken.

Our Serta hotel mattress collection includes our most popular models that we make exclusively for our fine hotel partners, so you can experience the same comfort, support and quality in your own home. Our hotel mattresses are designed to meet these high standards and feature some of our most advanced and exclusive comfort and support features. Our hotel mattresses are the only Serta mattresses to feature a unique two-sided design for easy flipping of the mattress.

Every Serta Hotel Mattresses features an advanced and exclusive Serta innerspring support system designed to promote proper body alignment and support. Plus, each model features some of our most advanced comfort features that create a comfortable sleeping surface while helping to reduce tossing and turning that can disrupt a peaceful sleep.

The Serta mattress you slept on at Hilton is available for purchase directly from the Hilton to Home program. Serta iComfort Serta comfort conveniently packaged to go. Serta Sertapedic Comfort you can believe in. View All. Hotel Mattresses Hotel luxury at home from Serta.


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Hotel Guests Call to purchase hotel beds Hotel Properties Call to find your local sales representative Browse Online Models. Shop Hotel Models. Order the exact bed you slept on at a hotel Remember your last glorious vacation and how well you slept? Relive the utopian sleep experience you had every day in the comfort of your very own home. Click Here. See what others are saying Presidential Suite II Pillowtop. Concierge Suite ll Plush. We used Serta Direct to order a King Set of the Presidential Suite Plush mattress set after staying at a hotel that featured this mattress. The mattress set was made to order for us, delivered to our door and set up by a great delivery company.

It took a few weeks for my back to adjust to the new mattress, but now we love it.

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Highly recommend Serta Direct. The mattress is very comfortable.

Where to Buy that Hotel Mattress You Loved! The 11 Best Hotel Beds to Buy

We has stayed at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas a few years ago and the mattress was so comfortable that you didn't want to leave the room. When I ordered the mattress the company said it would be built for me, and they were not fibbing. The service that I received and the price was even better.

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We slept so well that we called and ask what mattress we slept on. They were so kind they went up to our room to check. Marriott has a store to buy their products. We,have a mattress that is not that old but we woke with back pain hip pain, etc. Recommend it to any one. For years my husband and myself have tried to find a mattress with the right firmness yet soft enough to be comfortable; this is just what we got when we purchased the Concierge Suite II. This mattress provided us with a restful, comfortable nights sleep.

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We both woke up feeling refreshed and energetic.