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Each cabana includes lounge furniture, a small refrigerator, and its own ramp down towards the beach. Small cabanas accommodate up to 6 guests and large cabanas up to 8 guests. Cabana rentals come with snacks, bottled water, and complimentary floating mats. These cabanas can be booked ahead of time like other shore excursions through your online NCL account.

The prices do vary by sailing but can be a bit steep.

A new private lagoon area is also under construction. This lagoon will offer a private retreat to Haven guests as well as guests who book a spa treatment on the island. Reportedly, a limited number of day passes will also be sold. Like on the cruise ship, food on the island is included. There are no additional charges for eating while on Great Stirrup Cay. The food on the island is a buffet featuring items you would typically find in the Garden Cafe.

The Jumbey Beach Grill offers hot dogs, hamburgers, jerk chicken, fresh fruit, salad, a pizza station, and desserts. There are also beverage stations located nearby. Located on the northern part of the island, this casual take-out window features beef, chicken, and fish tacos with a toppings bar that allows you to customize your lunch. Abaco Taco gets two thumbs up from us!

The beverage selections are mostly the same at each of these bars. If your alcoholic beverages are included on the ship, they are also covered while on the island. For those without a package, you can still enjoy a cocktail with a simple swipe of your room key card. There is plenty to do on the island. Besides lounging on the beach, there are several different shore excursions that you can purchase. You can rent snorkeling equipment to survey the underwater sculpture garden at your leisure, or you can take a guided snorkel tour.

There are also paddleboard rentals, kayak tours, parasailing, and jet ski tours for those with a more adventurous side. You can also take a quick boat ride over to Stingray City to swim with these friendly fishes. For a full list of options, see our best things to do in Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.

Money will not be needed for food or drinks on Great Stirrup Cay. But, you may want some money to provide tips to the helpful staff on the island. You will also need some cash if you plan to purchase items from the Berried Treasures Bazaar marketplace. Although your room key card card does not work at the marketplace, some vendors may accept credit cards. The restaurants, bars, cabanas, and beaches have all recently been revamped.

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The underwater sculpture garden for snorkelers is also a relatively new addition to the island. However, there is still much construction underway on Great Stirrup Cay. A zipline and private lagoon area are expected to be completed in This lagoon is slated to have private villas, an exclusive restaurant, a swim-up bar, and an onsite spa.

Most certainly, YES! Whatever you plan to do, whether it is eat, swim, shop, explore, or simply relax, a day at Great Stirrup Cay is one of the best stops on any cruise.

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Did we miss anything in this latest guide to Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas? Do you have some additional info about the island? Drop us an anchor below to share your Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas tips with other cruisers. We will be arriving on GSC December 27th and are wondering if the zip line will be open?


We heard it would be open by Christmas. Our 7 grandkids, and maybe grandma, are excited to do this. They are so great for just floating in the sea. Your email address will not be published. Sign up for our newsletter!