Tillamook Passage

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This area of convergence, known as the Tillamook Drainage Basin, suffers from severe flooding.

Solving community problems in a new way.

Flood events in the area wreak havoc on local communities, the economy, and the watershed ecosystem. Develop and implement a plan to reduce flooding and the adverse impacts of flooding while incorporating environmental, social, and economic values in the development of short- and long-term solutions. Through collaborative effort, design and construct a safe passage for floodwater from the Wilson River to the Tillamook Bay. Problem Statement Five rivers converge in Tillamook County as they meander from the coast range to the sea. Joseph Blackwell, a lad without prospects, befriends a mysterious sea captain and secures a berth on his ship.

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The year is , and two American ships laden with supplies set sail from Boston Harbor. Their venture: to round Cape Horn and sail to the Northwest coast of America, to trade with the Indians for sea otter pelts. Once their cargo is secured, they will sail to China via the Sandwich Islands and trade the valuable skins for tea, before returning to Boston via the Cape of Good Hope.

During their stormy passage, the two ships lose contact with each other. Reaching the uncharted Northwest coast, they discover native villages on a large, pristine bay which Gray names after the Indians: Tillamook. Barter, initially friendly, gives way to a surprise attack.

Hiking for Foliage & History in the Tillamook State Forest

During the battle, Joe Blackwell and an African cabin boy become separated from the ship, and must hide from the marauding natives. With musket and cannon, Gray holds off the attackers while setting sail. From the rocks above, the two young men watch in frightened disbelief as the sloop vanishes into a foggy sea. The two young men are now marooned, in a remote and primitive land.

Tillamook County Emergency Response

Their struggle, playing out against endless forests, rugged mountains and bountiful waters, is an epic tale of clashing cultures, fate, trust, love and conflict. The lads approach their futures quite differently, one pining for home and family, while the other aspires to Indian leadership. Tillamook Passage is a thrilling testament to the iron will, brave hearts and sharp wits of the gritty explorers who came before us. Two worlds… one destiny. Brian D.

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Ratty is a retired media executive and graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography. He and his wife, Tess, live on the north Oregon Coast, where he writes and photographs that rugged and majestic region. Over the past thirty years, he has traveled the vast wilderness of the Pacific Coast in search of images and stories that reflect the spirit and splendor of those spectacular lands. Brian is an award-winning historical fiction novelist, and has written numerous magazine articles about the Pacific Northwest.

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